I want to share a recent experience where I spoke up for myself even though it felt a bit risky.

I had a situation come up with a friend of mine in a group setting where I felt like she crossed a boundary. As soon as it happened, I felt myself shutting down. You know that feeling, when someone says something or does something that isn’t okay with you and your body let’s you know? Well, it was like that.

I knew my friend had no idea how she was affecting me. How could she? She was just being herself. But that clenching inside had something to say and I know from experience there is so much more to be gained by listening to it, than ignoring it.

I didn’t choose to say anything in the moment, because I needed to sort through my feelings and get clear on my needs. So I took some time to figure out what my body was trying to tell me. When I felt like I had a clear request, I reached out to have a conversation. We hopped on a call 15 minutes later and I was able to honor her while expressing my needs around my own boundaries. It was a little uncomfortable,...


Receiving is the key to unlock the abundant life you may be inadvertently denying yourself. Reciting your affirmations and reframing your thoughts is great and all, but it will only get you so far. If you’re not open to receiving you are most definitely blocking all the goodness trying to make its way to you! And there is so much goodness that wants to make a life with you!

Learning how to receive when you have been the giver for your whole life is no cakewalk, but the shift must be made! We were not meant to keep pouring out from an empty cup.

Did you know that receiving is one of the superpowers of the feminine? It sounds straight forward, but it's not. Why? Because it requires letting go enough to OPEN. And we hold on so tight!!!

Simple fact, you can't be holding on while letting go at the same time. It just doesn't work. You are blocking your abundance!

I’ll never forget, It was October 17, 2018 when I realized I was the one blocking my own abundance. It was at a retreat in Mexico. It was the first day and I was...


I’m going through a huge transformation in my life right now that has everything to do with stepping even more fully into my soul’s purpose. In truth, I have been living it the whole time, and yet there are points along one’s journey when we are being called to expand even more. This one of those times. And as I am guiding women through this round of “The Heroine’s Journey”, I am finding that the more I let go and surrender, I am being gracefully ushered into a next level of me.

There is this thing about transformation and change that most of us resist. It’s the part where you have to surrender and let go. If you try to bypass this step, which so many of us try to do because it’s so uncomfortable, you will inevitably settle back into the same level of life you had before. Even if your circumstances have changed.

Whether it’s a big life change that you chose or one that was chosen for you, the process of transformation is the same. Some part of you must die in order for something new to take its place. It’s an ego death that can be excruciating or actually quite...


You know I am a believer that life has your back. 100%! And I truly do my best to look at life from this perspective. It’s all an opportunity for growth, right?

And sometimes I forget!!!

Especially when something really old gets triggered. And let me tell you, in the past few weeks, something old got triggered!!!

There is an expression in the healing community: 3T’s “Trust the Trigger to Teach”. And I do practice this! But sometimes the trigger is so strong, my Inner DRAGON takes over before I can catch it!

And it’s times like these that it takes some serious inner intervention to stop me from firing off a text message that I will most certainly regret. And sometimes I'm just not quick enough to intervene!

So let me tell you what happened, because even though I didn’t see the gift in all this at first,

it’s a priceless gem!

I recently hired someone to support me behind the scenes in my business. The idea was that her team would...


I let my own resistance shut me down for Years. And as I have been determined to move forward with midwifing the Heroine’s Journey program, I can totally see why it worked. Resistance is powerful!

The ego will literally do anything to stop you from moving forward. It’s as brilliant as you are! It knows how to get you off track, and it will use everything.

Procrastination is just the ego's way of resisting change. Doing anything outside your comfort zone is going to be uncomfortable no matter how long you wait. And the crazy thing is, your ego will go to any extent to get you to get you to put it off doing the thing that your heart has been calling you to do.

In his book, "War of Art", Steven Pressfield refers to this inner saboteur as "Resistance". He talks about how Resistance is a shape shifter and will use every trick in the book to keep you from moving forward. It will distract you with anything that will work. It will give you every excuse imaginable for why you shouldn't move forward. It will beat you down and make you feel unmotivated and miserable...


One of the most important ways I continue to claim an empowered life for myself is by taking ownership of my path instead of feeling like a victim to it. It was a long road to getting to this point because, trust me, I had all the reasons to justify a “woe is me” story. And I played that card longer than I would like to admit. But, my aim has always been empowerment. So even when I was still blaming my parents, I wasn’t fully aware that’s what I was doing. The mind is so good at hiding the victim story.

But the truth is, in any given moment, you have a choice. You are either choosing to be the victim of your circumstance or you are owning it. And this a moment by moment choice, isn’t it? Because life keeps going. And circumstances keep showing up. I love that saying, “Who are you when you don’t get your way?” Because it’s times like these when you really get to see what you’re choosing. And you can tell what you’re choosing, by the quality of the experience you are having. Whether you are suffering or not. Pain happens. Suffering is a choice.

One of my...


Hello Radiant Woman, it’s so beautiful to be back in this space after having taken quite the hiatus. As you may well know, I have been on my own Heroine’s journey over the past almost 3 decades and I have been a guide for women who are ready for deep transformation and empowerment. In order to be able to guide women through the deep processes that it takes to transform, it requires that I do the same deep work on myself. And often, that means getting really quiet and going inward

So I just returned from a 10-day dieta, a deep study with plant medicines, where I spent many hours each day communing with nature and listening to that deep, still voice within.

So leading up to this intensive retreat I was dealing with a substantial lower back injury. It was a good couple of months of working with chiropractors, physical therapists, and healers trying to get some mobility back. Nothing seemed to really help. In fact, I kept reinjuring it. It was so bad, I thought I might have to miss this beautiful dieta experience because it was all outdoors, Camping, isolated in...


Today I want to talk about overwhelm. What it really is and how to transform it into empowerment.

There is this wonderful vintage commercial from the 70’s for Calgon bubble bath. A woman is at her wits end with images of all the things stressing her out flashing around her “the dog, the telephone, the doorbell, the baby” then she brings her hands up to her head saying, “Calgon, take me away!”

I used to get overwhelmed like that a lot, and I still do once in a while. I’m not enlightened, but I am able just to snap out of it a lot easier now.

What am I doing differently? I can narrow it down to two shifts that interrupted this negative pattern:

1. I put my own needs first

2. I have healthy boundaries around my time and my energy

Overwhelm isn’t a problem, it’s a symptom. Your body is letting you know you are not listening to what YOU need. It’s an internal alarm saying “you have overcommitted” or “you’re not taking care of yourself,” “you need to ask for help.” Something along those lines.

Most women tend to put everyone...


My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary this month. I will post some photos in the facebook group. We’ve been married for 6 years and together for 9 years now and I have to say, I have never felt so loved and so valued and so seen as I feel with this beautiful man. And trust me, I have been in several long-term relationships before this one. And I want to share my story because if you aren’t experiencing this level of love and appreciation in your relationship or if you’re still looking, you deserve to know what I have learned about getting the love you really want and keeping it.

For me, after two failed marriages I woke up to the fact that I was going about relationships all wrong. I was trapped in the same story of me giving and giving to the point of resentment. I always ended up feeling unappreciated and lonely in relationship, so eventually I would just leave. And I remember one of my partners telling me, as I was walking out the door with my bags in hand, he said “someday I hope you will let someone take care of you”. I had no idea what he meant by...


For years I have like I didn’t fit in, like there was something that set me apart.

I was a single mom in my mid-twenties, so all the other parents seemed to be so much more settled and put together in their lives.

I went back to college and didn’t graduate college until I was 30 and I was older than most of my classmates. But really, whatever situation I found myself in, I always seemed to come to the same conclusion, even on the subtlest level, that I didn’t fit in.

I can trace the belief back to elementary school. My parents were working hippies living a very alternative lifestyle which was so not the norm in small town Texas. I believed I stuck out like a sore thumb, so it makes sense I believed I didn’t belong. I spent years of my life trying to fit in, but it never really worked because I wasn’t working on the right things.

Just knowing why you feel how you feel isn’t enough to make that feeling go away. Because the conscious mind is just rationalizing and acting on what it’s told, the subconscious is actually holding on to the beliefs that guide...


What do you need, darlin? Not sure? Let’s unpack this together!

But first, I want to share that last week’s Heroine’s Journey retreat was everything I hoped it would be and more. I guided an intimate group of women through a beautiful self-discovery process of tapping into the soul’s desire and embodying it.

The Heroine’s Journey is a powerful reclamation process because Desire is the spark of creation. Your desire is your own personal North star guiding you toward fulfilling your life’s purpose. By claiming your desire, you can dream a bigger life for yourself. Claiming your desire marks the beginning of living an empowered life. Instead of life happening to you, you get to experience life unfolding for you. I had a great time in this retreat!

Ok, back to unpacking what you need. Have you found yourself thinking about your life, I don’t really know what I really want? Well, that thought makes sense because historically, as women, living in a patriarchy, we have been cut off from our desire....


I have an announcement to make. I will be hosting a FREE 3-day event coming up on Sept. 6,7th and 8th called “The Heroine’s Journey” so mark your calendar, my beautiful friend, because this is going to be a transformative experience! It is the most direct path I have found to truly thriving in your life and I am going to walk you through it, step by step.

We will be meeting each evening for a 90 minute session that will blow your mind in all the best ways. I want you to be there live to get the full transmission in real time. However, the replays will be available for those who sign up. This is for you if you are ready to embrace a life of thriving. No more settling for just getting by. This journey is all about reclaiming your power and living in your sovereignty so you can live a life of abundance. Trust me, no matter how far along you are on your path, you need this! AND it’s free. So, no excuses. Come with me on this ride. So go to radiantwomanyou.com and click the...


Today’s podcast is for you if you have been experiencing some intensity lately, either in your personal life or professional life or both. I’m gonna warn you right now, the content is advanced. This is for women who have been doing their work and want to breakthrough into a life of thriving.

These are epic times we are living in right now, and whether or not you listen to the news, we are all being affected. But I promise you, Radiant Woman, we were built for this. There is a huge opportunity for us in these epic times, to rise up and claim our sovereignty as women. All that means is owning our wholeness. When we do that, everyone benefits. We have been living in survival mode for far too long, it’s time for us to join together and thrive. You have everything you need inside of you to transcend whatever you are going through right now. Whatever you are going through right now is your opportunity for transformation. It’s all here for you, even the stuff that is challenging you...


If you have been following me for a while, then you know I am a big proponent of women supporting women and owning our greatness. We need each other because it takes a lot of courage to own our worth as women in a world where our feminine gifts have not been valued. In order to be a stand for each other, we have to be a stand for ourselves first. One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to do this is through celebrating yourself on the daily for anything and everything. This is a powerful hack for that critical voice in your head because it’s redirecting your mind toward all the ways you are doing it right! There are so many celebratory moments that go by unnoticed because the ego’s default is to look for problems. Where am I not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, deserving enough, successful enough? The truth is that you are enough. Period. When you start making a point to acknowledge yourself through celebration, it’s so much easier to live in the Radiance that you are!

I’m not talking about celebrating only the big things. I am talking about celebrating all the...


The path of the Radiant Woman is the awakening of the Sacred Feminine that lives deep inside every woman. It’s a powerful gift that we have kept protected and hidden for thousands of years, and for good reason. But our gifts are needed in the world now more than ever so we are being called to awaken. We have to do it together through holding each other, through our healing and by celebrating each other through our breakthroughs.

In order to do this in the most supportive and authentic way, we have to address the deep sister wound that we carry. Maybe you are aware of it, maybe you are not. This wound expresses itself in the form of competition, judgement, alienation and jealousy. Women have been betraying women out of fear for a very long time. We have hurt each other, knowingly and unknowingly and this core wound has kept us separate. And here is the thing, we need each other. It is actually through sharing our unique journeys with one another that we grow exponentially. We amplify each other’s growth through our reflections. We are both medicine and fertilizer for one...


What do you think of when you hear the word pleasure? Be honest. Often the first thought is that it must be something naughty right? Isn’t that interesting? How did we get it in our minds that pleasure is something wrong that you have to hide or even feel guilty about?

The dictionary defines pleasure as “a feeling of happy satisfaction or enjoyment.” Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Pleasure is anything that makes you feel good. And doesn’t it seem silly to feel guilty about wanting to feel good? But how often do you even hear anyone talking about what brings them pleasure? It’s not common, right? And the truth is, most women don’t actually know what brings us pleasure because we are so caught up in the rat race of being busy. So lame that being busy is the socially acceptable thing to be if you are over 25 and under 65. In fact if you’re not busy, well that might mean you are lazy or useless. Can you imagine how it would it feel if someone asked you how your life was going and your answer was something like, “I’m living my bliss”? Even if you were, you probably...


Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, on the deepest level, we all crave intimacy and connection. In order to experience true intimacy and connection you have to love yourself at the deepest levels. The reason why self-love isn’t as easy as it sounds is because most of us have cut ourselves off from being able to receive love at the deepest level. This happens early on. We come into these bodies wide open and highly sensational, ready to experience the world. Starting in the womb, we are assessing what kind of world this is based on early experiences. Is it safe or unsafe? Loving or unloving? Then we respond accordingly. If it feels safe, we relax into a sense of safety and remain open to positive emotions like love and joy. If we feel unsafe, we begin to close ourselves off from feeling so much, because it’s uncomfortable. It makes sense then when we don’t want to feel pain or discomfort, so we close down. In the process of closing down, we also shut ourselves off from experiencing even the good emotions.

We essentially make up who we believe we are based on...


So hopefully by now I have gotten you excited about embodying your Radiant Woman and connecting more deeply with the powerful gifts of the Sacred Feminine. When you really think about it, why would you NOT want this. After all it IS your birthright.

It’s not like you can just go in and open a door and that’s it. It’s a journey that requires patience. Just like you can’t force a rose to blossom, you can’t rush the awakening of the Feminine. She will not stand for that. In fact, the nature of the Feminine is slow. So if you want to meet her, you’re going to have to slow down and allow her to reveal herself.

The Feminine requires slowing enough to bring your full awareness into your present experience. You have to bring all your senses online so you are able to really take it all in. What do you see when you really allow yourself to see? What do you hear when you really listen? What do you feel inside your body from your head to your toe when you really allow yourself to feel? It’s a heightened level of awareness that is the expression of the Sacred Feminine.



Today I’m inviting you into a deeper understanding of what the path of the Radiant Woman is and what it is not. My aim is to make it abundantly clear that this is not a luxury self-actualization journey. Although it will feel quite luxurious. It’s not meant to be an “extra”; these are the basics that in an ideal world we would have been taught right out of the gate. This path provides the basic keys to owning our true power as a woman.

When I say power, I’m not talking about the masculine power of achieving and conquering and powering through life. No, we’ve got that one down. I am talking about the power of the feminine, the powerful force of creation which comes from embodying our life experience. The power of the feminine is the power of life itself.

This is about getting out of our head and connecting with our body. I will show you how to access and trust your intuition, your emotions, your pleasure, your passion, your sexuality. I will show you how to get in touch with what you really want and how to lean into receiving it. I’ll support you to...


First, I want to share with you how I have arrived at a place where I am willing to share myself fully. I already shared with you the calling I received in 2018 to participate in the awakening of the Divine Feminine in the world. The vision was clear and also intimidating, considering that I didn’t really even know what that meant. Ever since, my life has been transforming me to align with that vision. Looking back, I can see clearly that the vision came through me for me! But the Divine has also been so crafty, you see, because I am someone who has always been motivated to serve others. So the way it came through me as an invitation to serve women was genius. Show me how I can be of service to others in bigger and better ways and I will run the marathon!

Little did I know that what I was enlisting myself in was a massive transformation of becoming the version of myself who could authentically step into this role of being a guide for women to embrace their soul’s calling. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’re well aware that I’ve been doing the inner work for quite...


The Radiant Woman Podcast is live! I am thrilled to be your guide on this awakening journey which has been many years in the making. I want to begin by telling you a little bit about me so you can get a feel for how I got here and why I am inviting you to join me. I like to think I chose this incarnation, just so I could have the opportunity for an epic heroine’s journey. One of my teachers always said, “you have to live it to give it,” and I have been living it! I have spent well over two decades deep diving to transmute old wounds into rich soil for planting seeds of goodness. Let’s just say, I’ve got a lot of rich soil for making magic happen. I started pursuing the healing and spirituality path early on. I studied psychology, but it wasn’t really doing it for me, so I took a major detour that ultimately led me to living in a spiritual community in the mountains of Northern New Mexico where I immersed myself in meditation, yoga and bhakti practices. My heart burst open, and this was the beginning of awakening of my own Radiant Woman. I spent three years there living a life of...