Introducing Radiant Woman!

The Radiant Woman Podcast is live! I am thrilled to be your guide on this awakening journey which has been many years in the making. I want to begin by telling you a little bit about me so you can get a feel for how I got here and why I am inviting you to join me. I like to think I chose this incarnation, just so I could have the opportunity for an epic heroine’s journey. One of my teachers always said, “you have to live it to give it,” and I have been living it! I have spent well over two decades deep diving to transmute old wounds into rich soil for planting seeds of goodness. Let’s just say, I’ve got a lot of rich soil for making magic happen. I started pursuing the healing and spirituality path early on. I studied psychology, but it wasn’t really doing it for me, so I took a major detour that ultimately led me to living in a spiritual community in the mountains of Northern New Mexico where I immersed myself in meditation, yoga and bhakti practices. My heart burst open, and this was the beginning of awakening of my own Radiant Woman. I spent three years there living a life of devotion and service. Then, what seemed to come out of nowhere, I received a strong call that it was time to come down from the mountain to integrate back into the world. I ended up pursuing a healing path of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and massage. I became a certified yoga instructor, shamanic practitioner and energy worker. After 15 years as a hands on healer, I went through several intensive coaching certification programs including my latest deep dive at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. All of this has led me to be here with you right now, offering the path of the Radiant Woman to you, which is the culmination of everything I have learned on my epic journey to get here, and I am overjoyed to share all of it with you! Everything I have to offer has been informed by my own inner journey and my work with women over the past two decades.

You may have guessed by the title that I am working with women. This is because I have received a deep calling to be a part of the awakening the Divine Feminine in myself and in the world. I have come to know that women hold an important key. I believe the world needs more women stepping into their sovereignty and owning their radiance, and the path of the Radiant Woman is the pure channel for this awakening.

Radiant Woman is an embodiment path for women who are ready to dive deep and unleash the power of the Divine feminine within. What I’m talking about is opening up a well-spring of feminine wisdom within that holds the key to everything we have been conditioned to seek outside of ourselves. This is an intelligence that cannot be learned in books. It can only be experienced through embodiment. What can be gained by claiming this sacred feminine for yourself is essentially a sense of sovereignty that comes from connecting with your heart and your sensuality. As women, we have been encouraged and even shamed into shutting down both sexually and emotionally which cuts us off from experiencing the empowered truth that is inherent in each one of us (which is a real bummer). We have essentially built armor to protect us from hurt. It makes sense as it hasn’t been safe for women to own their true power, so most of us have adapted by either closing down our hearts or our sexuality, or both. We’ve basically numbed ourselves from truly living. The problem with all that armor is that it not only protects us from pain, it also keeps us from experiencing all the good things, like pleasure and joy and love. The protective walls tend to get built around the two main areas that connect us with the goodness of life; our heart and our genitals.

I’ll begin with the heart, because without love, it’s all meaningless. When we build up protective layers around the heart, we are actually cutting ourselves off from love. Most importantly, we are cutting ourselves off from self-love. So, of course, we start looking to others to fill that deep need, but what we are coming to understand is that the world out there is really just a reflection of who you are inside. It’s a mirror. Whatever you find out there will only be a reflection of what you are experiencing on the inside. If your heart is shut down on the inside, it’s going to be difficult to find love on the outside. That is why the path of the Radiant Woman begins with the path of self-love.

This means learning how to love ALL parts of yourself; your light as well as your shadows. When you are able to fall in love with yourself, you are able to radiate that love out into the world and then the world cannot help but to fall in love with you. Everything you are seeking from others, you have to establish inside yourself first. You have to learn how to generously receive from yourself first before you can receive from the world.

It has taken me many years and two failed marriages to begin to really understand this truth. I spent so many years trying to get validation from others, seeking love and approval. I just wanted to feel loved and accepted, but now I get it. I have to love and accept myself first, and let go of the rest. As I do that, I am able to receive more love than I ever thought possible. It takes consistent self-love and self-care for your life to really begin, to see real results in your outside world. It’s like tending to a garden. You can’t just plant the seed and water it once and expect to have a plentiful harvest. You have to water regularly and pull out the weeds that are interfering with the growth of the plants. You have to tend to your own inner garden with this same level of attention and care. The result is that you become a magnetic being, drawing life to you with ease and grace. Cultivating self-love is an essential part of the path of the Radiant Woman.

The other piece of this sacred path is connecting with your own sexuality, and we do this by connecting with the yoni. “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word that translates as “sacred temple” and it refers to the whole female anatomy including the womb, the ovaries, vagina, vulva and clitoris. There is a reason why this area is considered sacred in many eastern traditions. It is the home of the Divine Feminine, where life is brought into existence. It is sacred. When we connect with this area in our own bodies, we gain access to a powerful creative force that we, as women, have been largely cut off from for many centuries.

Most women I’ve met over the years of being a healer and a coach, have experienced some level of trauma in this life-time, but even if you haven't, there is a collective trauma that we are all affected by, not to mention the trauma from our ancestors that lives in our DNA. Trauma doesn’t just shut down the heart, it also shuts down the yoni. The yoni is a delicate flower and let’s face it, she hasn’t really been treated delicately, so she tends to build up armor of protection to protect herself.

In Chinese Medicine, we would describe this armor as a dam that blocks the flow of Qi and blood, causing stagnation. This isn’t good because blood and energy need to flow for the body to be healthy. This build-up of Qi and blood leads to pain, irritability, depression, numbness, and even disease. This armor affects so much more than just your physical body, it affects your ability to experience the abundance of life because it literally shuts down your ability to feel. When you are finally able to remove the blocks and really connect with your heart and your sexuality, there is a freedom that happens! You are able to finally show up fully for yourself and everyone around you in an authentic way. Connecting with your sexuality is not just about sex, although sacred sexuality is certainly an aspect of the Radiant Woman path that we will be exploring here, but it’s so much more than that. It is a well-spring of life and vitality which is the gift of awakening your sacred feminine.

The path of the Radiant Woman isn’t an end game, because life is a journey, not a destination. The Radiant Woman is constantly revealing more and more of herself as she peels away the layers that keep her from living her authentic life. More and more, she is able to live from an authentic place of sovereignty that inspires reverence in others. She is confident. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to ask life for it because she knows she is worth it. She learns to place her own needs first so she can give from a place of abundance instead of depletion. We have been settling for crumbs for far too long. It’s time for us to own our worth and to be a stand for each other to step into our true power.

Opening your heart and connecting with your sensuality is the path of the Radiant Woman and I would be honored to have you join me on this ever-unfolding and epic journey. Together we can awaken to who we came here to be!

Peace and Blessings