Resistance is a B*tch

I let my own resistance shut me down for Years. And as I have been determined to move forward with midwifing the Heroine’s Journey program, I can totally see why it worked. Resistance is powerful!

The ego will literally do anything to stop you from moving forward. It’s as brilliant as you are! It knows how to get you off track, and it will use everything.

Procrastination is just the ego's way of resisting change. Doing anything outside your comfort zone is going to be uncomfortable no matter how long you wait. And the crazy thing is, your ego will go to any extent to get you to get you to put it off doing the thing that your heart has been calling you to do.

In his book, "War of Art", Steven Pressfield refers to this inner saboteur as "Resistance". He talks about how Resistance is a shape shifter and will use every trick in the book to keep you from moving forward. It will distract you with anything that will work. It will give you every excuse imaginable for why you shouldn't move forward. It will beat you down and make you feel unmotivated and miserable for even considering moving forward. It will cause you to doubt yourself until you are completely paralyzed. It will do anything and everything to keep you right where you are. It's not rational, even though it may sound rational. In fact, it's totally and completely irrationally rooted in absolute FEAR of change. It's rooted in survival consciousness and cares nothing about having you thrive in your life. You literally cannot thrive while hanging onto the familiar. You are either thriving or surviving in your life. One is life-giving while the other is life sucking.

That inner component, whatever you want to call it. The ego, the anti-self, Resistance, or as Stutz calls it “Part X”, it will always be there ready to stop you from making any kind of change, and it will use whatever it’s got. So if you believe it, you’ve lost before you even get started.

I’ve been able to create a lot in my life, but most of it has been out of my need to survive, never out a desire to thrive....until now.

As I have mentioned, this past year I was able to heal some key relationships in my life, and in doing so, I was able to take back my power from people and places where I had given it away.

I healed deep levels of shame that could only be reached by being willing to face off with that miserable voice in my head that has always taken me down, kept me hiding behind my work. Procrastinating forward movement. Even though I knew my ego’s strategy, it would get me right where it hurt. Fear of rejection. This was a deep wound rooted in childhood that took a lot of untangling to get free of.

But I was determined.

Now I am determined to move forward in the direction my soul has been trying to take me for years! Out of my comfort zone of working with 1x1 clients and launching myself into sharing my medicine with groups of women, empowering them to hold themselves at the deep levels I have been able to hold myself to make it this far.

Am I meeting resistance as I walk this path of embracing this next level, oh you bet! Every single day! And I am moving forward anyway. Each new step I take, I get to experience the rush of power returning to me. Power that had been all caught up in worrying about not being good enough, wondering what others would think...blah blah blah. Will I be judged, you can count on it. Judging is what humans do. So these days instead of being afraid of it, I have become willing to experience it.

I HAVE BEEN EMBRACIING A LOT OF FIRST’S LATELY. FOR INSTANCE, I SAID YES TO BEING INTERVIEWED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I resisted being interviewed for YEARS! So terrified of making a fool out of myself. Well, yesterday we recorded the interview and you know what? it was so much fun!

Resistance is inevitable, especially as you move closer to the thing your soul wants most, so you might as well lean in and embrace it. Otherwise, you are destined for same ole.

It's up to each one of us to overcome our inner resistance. No one can do that for you. Often people wait to change until life becomes unbearable. You don't have to wait to hit rock bottom. You can join other women, just like you, who are ready to claim their life as their own.

The Heroine's Journey has officially launched but it's not too late to jump in. Opening Ceremony was next level! The recording has just been released and we are just beginning the journey of unpacking your soul-aligned desire.