Behind the scenes...

First, I want to share with you how I have arrived at a place where I am willing to share myself fully. I already shared with you the calling I received in 2018 to participate in the awakening of the Divine Feminine in the world. The vision was clear and also intimidating, considering that I didn’t really even know what that meant. Ever since, my life has been transforming me to align with that vision. Looking back, I can see clearly that the vision came through me for me! But the Divine has also been so crafty, you see, because I am someone who has always been motivated to serve others. So the way it came through me as an invitation to serve women was genius. Show me how I can be of service to others in bigger and better ways and I will run the marathon!

Little did I know that what I was enlisting myself in was a massive transformation of becoming the version of myself who could authentically step into this role of being a guide for women to embrace their soul’s calling. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’re well aware that I’ve been doing the inner work for quite some time. I’m not someone who’s afraid to dive deep, because I know that’s exactly where the freedom is. So when I began the launch of Radiant Woman, I immediately experienced so much resistance showing up in all its colors.

Imposter syndrome: Who am I to lead something so bold?

The voice of fear: I don’t know what I’m doing? I can’t! What if I fail? What if I can’t keep it up? What if it’s not good enough? There are so many other women out there who are already doing this! Everything fear could throw at me, it did.

Then there was: Maybe I’m not ready. Maybe I have more healing to do. (This one has worked on me forever...)

You may even remember my announcement, “I’m coming out” all the way back in September. Well, resistance won that time and sent me on another wild goose distracting my whole aim. But over the past several months, that deep need to bring the "Radiant Woman" vision out into the world became so much bigger than all my fears. Remaining stuck in my fears and not moving forward with it became so much more excruciatingly painful than moving forward. Everything changed when I decided to make friends with resistance, because it was clear it was never going away. I started meeting it wherever it showed up. I started expecting resistance in my morning practices. I even brought in an extra pillow for it to have a seat. I started to become more and more fascinated at how crafty resistance is in stopping me from expanding. I even cultivated gratitude for the teacher it was becoming. When I really listen to my resistance, instead of fighting it, I can see that it’s actually pointing me toward my expansion. Similar to the bouncer at the door of the greatest show on earth trying to tell me there is nothing to see in there. But now I know resistance is always lying because this is actually MY SHOW that it’s keeping me from and I don’t need a badge to get through that door. I just have to remember who I am and walk right in.

So that’s what has happened, my friend. My soul’s great calling has become way more compelling than my resistance to it. The more I let go and allow this creation to get birthed through me, the more expansive and radiant I become. Over the years, I’ve received the message that whatever you create is actually transforming you in the process. Now I see the irony in the name I’ve chosen for this journey. I am the Radiant Woman, and so are YOU. The path is really just the process of getting out of your own way so you can see this truth.

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Peace and Blessings,