I chose this

One of the most important ways I continue to claim an empowered life for myself is by taking ownership of my path instead of feeling like a victim to it. It was a long road to getting to this point because, trust me, I had all the reasons to justify a “woe is me” story. And I played that card longer than I would like to admit. But, my aim has always been empowerment. So even when I was still blaming my parents, I wasn’t fully aware that’s what I was doing. The mind is so good at hiding the victim story.

But the truth is, in any given moment, you have a choice. You are either choosing to be the victim of your circumstance or you are owning it. And this a moment by moment choice, isn’t it? Because life keeps going. And circumstances keep showing up. I love that saying, “Who are you when you don’t get your way?” Because it’s times like these when you really get to see what you’re choosing. And you can tell what you’re choosing, by the quality of the experience you are having. Whether you are suffering or not. Pain happens. Suffering is a choice.

One of my mentors told me early on in my path to meet my life as though I chose it. And really do my best to view my life through this lens of self-responsibility. And to be clear, this is by no means a way to shame myself like it’s fault this is happening. No way. , because blame and shame are abusive and have no place in the life of an empowered woman. “I chose this” is a way of looking at my siituation from a higher level perspective that’s actually based on another core belief of mine, which is that everything is unfolding for my highest good. It’s all happening FOR me. So this, too, is here for me.

That’s right, because the further I get on my own empowerment path, the more clear it is to me that I am here in this life in this body on purpose. A purpose that my soul has agreed to so I firmly believe that everything I experience is here to help me fulfill that purpose.

Now, it has taken quite a bit of unpacking for me to be able to see how everything that has happened to me in my life has been for my highest good. Because, good lord.

There were so many years when I felt like there must be some mistake.

But let me tell you, choosing to view the world from the lens that “I signed up for this”, has been one of the most powerful stands I have made for myself in my life. Because from here, it’s all a win! Right? And when things get challenging, I can lean right into these core beliefs and have faith that it’s all part of the plan. And better yet, I’m right where I need to be to get where I am going.

So from this deep place of knowing, I can self soothe the parts of myself that are freaking out, I can provide just the right wisdom I need, in the difficult moments.

which is almost always, “It’s all going to be okay”

So, A big part of my soul’s purpose is support women in their empowerment. Which is exactly what I am doing here in this space sharing with you. And a big part of my journey for achieving this every single day, is to continue the deep work of healing wounds of my ancestral lineage.

Because choosing to heal the wounds that have been handed down through my lineage means I become more empowered and more centered in my own sovereignty which only enhances and deepens the work I do with women. Not to mention it sends ripple of healing through my living relatives as well, and honestly, it has been beautiful to watch how my healing affect members of my family. Truly amazing!

So I want to share another beautiful teaching I received during my 10-day dieta in March. I was shown the chord that connects me with my father’s lineage. And up to this point, I had really focused my healing work on my mother’s side. And who could blame me, because you don’t have to dive to deep to see there is a lot of un-wellness.

So there was a moment where I was given the choice to just cut that chord and walk away and live my happy life. But the other message coming through was a deep knowing that I signed up for this. My soul chose these parents! I came here to do my part in healing the wounds of my ancestors that I carry in my own DNA. This includes both sides of my family. So how could I walk away from this? Walking away from this would mean abandoning why my soul came here.

It would mean abandoning myself and also my daughter who has inherited these wounds as well. And really my whole world, when you think about it. Because the world I see is reflection of me. The way to be the change you want to be in the world, means the changes must be made on the inside first.

So I didn’t cut that chord. And today, I know who I am and I know why I am here. I am here to meet everything in my path with love and compassion. And to continue sharing everything I gain in the process, with you! Thank you for being here.

Peace and Blessings