The Heroine’s Journey: A Free 3-Day Virtual Retreat (that will change your life)

I have an announcement to make. I will be hosting a FREE 3-day event coming up on Sept. 6,7th and 8th called “The Heroine’s Journey” so mark your calendar, my beautiful friend, because this is going to be a transformative experience! It is the most direct path I have found to truly thriving in your life and I am going to walk you through it, step by step.

We will be meeting each evening for a 90 minute session that will blow your mind in all the best ways. I want you to be there live to get the full transmission in real time. However, the replays will be available for those who sign up. This is for you if you are ready to embrace a life of thriving. No more settling for just getting by. This journey is all about reclaiming your power and living in your sovereignty so you can live a life of abundance. Trust me, no matter how far along you are on your path, you need this! AND it’s free. So, no excuses. Come with me on this ride. So go to and click the button on the home page that says, “Access your Free 3-day retreat” which will take you to the event page where you can sign up.

So what is “The Heroine’s Journey”? It’s the feminine path back into wholeness, and a reclamation of our power as women. Why would you want this? So you can feel empowered to claim a life that feeds your soul, to feel confident to make choices that put your needs first, to feel free to speak your truth, to say no, to say yes, to take up space, to set boundaries, and to embrace your best life. When you do that, everyone around you benefits. When you don’t choose this, you and everyone around you suffers. You deserve to live an amazing life doing what you love while feeling valued, safe and loved, blossoming from a place of abundance.

This is a journey of remembering and reclaiming the truth of who you are so you can ultimately thrive in your life. Whether you want to experience greater levels of joy and abundance in your life, improve your relationship, level up in your career, this journey is for you. Whether you like it or not, you are on this journey already because life is taking you there. When you choose it consciously, the whole thing becomes so much smoother. Instead of feeling like life is against you, you begin to experience life unfolding FOR you, and this is truly an amazing feeling. From there, it just gets better and better.

So, over the course of 3-days:

  • I will walk you through a process of getting in touch with your core desire as it aligns with your soul’s purpose aka what you really want.

  • Then I will help you get clarity around how you are getting in your own way so you can get fully on board with what you truly want.

  • Lastly, I will guide you through a powerful embodiment practice for claiming your true identity to go forth and live a life of thriving.

I am bringing all the goods to this event and I would love for you to be there. For each friend you invite, you will be entered into a special raffle to win a VIP 1x1 coaching session with me. So go to and click the button on the home page that says “Access your Free 3-day retreat” or you can click on the tab that says “The Heroine’s Journey” and it will take you to the event page where you can sign up.

I cannot wait to see you there!