It's not extra, it's essential.

Today I’m inviting you into a deeper understanding of what the path of the Radiant Woman is and what it is not. My aim is to make it abundantly clear that this is not a luxury self-actualization journey. Although it will feel quite luxurious. It’s not meant to be an “extra”; these are the basics that in an ideal world we would have been taught right out of the gate. This path provides the basic keys to owning our true power as a woman.

When I say power, I’m not talking about the masculine power of achieving and conquering and powering through life. No, we’ve got that one down. I am talking about the power of the feminine, the powerful force of creation which comes from embodying our life experience. The power of the feminine is the power of life itself.

This is about getting out of our head and connecting with our body. I will show you how to access and trust your intuition, your emotions, your pleasure, your passion, your sexuality. I will show you how to get in touch with what you really want and how to lean into receiving it. I’ll support you to put your own needs first without feeling one bit guilty about it. I will guide you into setting healthy boundaries so you can show up in life with a full cup. This journey will open you up to places within yourself that you probably never even realized you were missing out on, and once you know, you won’t want to turn back. Turning back would mean settling for less than the vibrant life you were meant to live.

I realize the phrase “Radiant Woman” can initially feel like an idealized image of who you could be if only... but that is not what this is. So let’s set the record straight right out of the gate, the Radiant woman path IS NOT about contorting yourself into some version of perfection. The last thing women need is another definition of what it means to be the “ideal” woman. We know exactly where that path leads. We’ve been fitting in and playing nice at our own expense. Playing nice means not speaking your truth. Playing nice means not expressing how you really feel. Ultimately playing nice means playing small. It doesn’t mean you can’t be kind, that’s very different from playing nice. True radiance doesn’t come from hiding who you really are and how you really feel. Radiance comes from being the most authentic version of yourself in each moment, with no apologies.

Radiance isn’t a posture of pretending life isn’t hard when it’s actually freaking hard sometimes. We have been pretending. We’ve been shamed into staying quiet, being told we are too sensitive, too dramatic, or irrational. We learned how to pretend and stuff our emotions, convince ourselves that we’re fine. The problem is, we’re not fine. When we shut down our emotions, we do so at our own expense. Emotion is just energy that needs to move through the body or it gets stuck and can start to wreak havoc. Repressed emotion can easily turn into depression, anxiety, or eventually build up into rage.

Shutting down your emotions also shuts down your ability to access pleasure. Instead, you’re left with numbness or even pain. So if you’re not turned on, no wonder. Another way women have sacrificed ourselves is by placing everyone else’s needs above our own. “People Pleasing” is one of the big ways we give our power away because it’s literally sending out the message, “I’m not important.” In actuality, you are the MOST important. If you are not putting yourself first, you will inevitably end up feeling exhausted, unappreciated and alone. So of course you don’t want to have sex, not from that place!

You don’t feel horny after a day of doing everything for everyone else. You’re tired and probably irritable. Maybe you do it anyway just to make him happy. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you know what I’m talking about. Self-sacrificing sex isn’t good sex for anyone involved. You think your partner should get it, but your partner cannot know what you are not telling them. It’s not their job to know what you need, it’s your job to tell them what you need. One of the gifts of the feminine is the power of communicating your needs. But if, like many of us, people-pleasing has been your pattern, it would make sense why you’ve lost touch with what you want. You probably haven’t had the capacity to even consider what makes you happy. If you don’t know how to please yourself, your partner definitely doesn’t know. These are some of the ways you may have cut yourself off from your Sacred Feminine power.

If you have been afraid of your own power, no worries, most humans are. We’ve seen how power can be destructive, but maybe haven’t paid as much attention to the healthy examples of power. The power to birth a child, the power to keep your heart open when you get triggered, the power it takes to love yourself unconditionally, the power to open yourself up to receive as generously as you give, or the power to say NO with love, even if it means you are going to hurt someone’s feelings...

Claiming your power takes courage, but it is so worth it! Sacred Feminine power is a receptive power that requires a tremendous amount of surrender, letting go, and allowing. It will feel uncomfortable to lean into at first because as women, we haven’t felt safe enough to let go of control. It hasn’t felt safe for us to access our feminine power for thousands of years. Instead we have done what we have needed to do to survive. We are experiencing a massive paradigm shift and while the world is catching up, we can create our own containers of safety to access this deep power that lives inside us.

You need this for yourself, and the world needs it too. We can do more than just survive. We can actually learn how to thrive.


We can do it together.

Peace & Blessings,