You're worth it! All. Damn. Day.

If you have been following me for a while, then you know I am a big proponent of women supporting women and owning our greatness. We need each other because it takes a lot of courage to own our worth as women in a world where our feminine gifts have not been valued. In order to be a stand for each other, we have to be a stand for ourselves first. One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to do this is through celebrating yourself on the daily for anything and everything. This is a powerful hack for that critical voice in your head because it’s redirecting your mind toward all the ways you are doing it right! There are so many celebratory moments that go by unnoticed because the ego’s default is to look for problems. Where am I not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, deserving enough, successful enough? The truth is that you are enough. Period. When you start making a point to acknowledge yourself through celebration, it’s so much easier to live in the Radiance that you are!

I’m not talking about celebrating only the big things. I am talking about celebrating all the things that you are and all the ways that you show up in the world. I am even a proponent of celebrating your fumbles and your mess, because damn it takes courage to not be so damned perfect all the time! Celebrating yourself is a way of recognizing yourself and owning your value. And we all have an underlying need to feel valued. The more you practice doing this for yourself, the less you need that recognition from the outside. Because once you know it on the inside, you will always be a stand for yourself in the world. When you recognize yourself, others will recognize you too. The world is holograph. The world is your mirror. It’s all an inside job.

Mama Gena takes celebration to the next level, encouraging women to get comfortable bragging. Ewww, so edgy right? But Why? Men boast about themselves for the smallest things all day long without catching any flack. For centuries, women have been conditioned to downplay our value and our worth. We have picked up messaging like:

  • It’s rude to boast!

  • You shouldn’t show off.

  • Bragging about yourself might make others feel bad.

  • You shouldn’t take up so much space.

And yet, one of the most common complaints I hear from the women I work with is feeling unappreciated and undervalued. We want to be recognized. We want to be valued and acknowledged. We want to be celebrated!

I spent too many years of my life seeking approval. Not just in my relationships, but everywhere. I was an over-achiever as a wife, as a mom, and in my work. I was constantly looking for praise, and when I didn’t get it I just tried harder. Which only led to resentment and frustration. What I didn’t realize was that I was giving my power away. I was waiting for someone else to acknowledge me in order for me to feel acknowledged. I was wanting something from others that I wasn’t giving myself, and that is just an unreasonable ask because you can’t actually receive something from someone else that you aren’t giving to yourself. Even if they were actively offering it to you, you wouldn’t recognize it. It has to come from you first.

You know, deep down, you want to be celebrated. And you deserve to be celebrated! You are so worthy of being lavished with love and appreciation for all you do. So do this for yourself! And trust me, it feels amazing! Like I said, there is no need to wait to celebrate the big things, you can celebrate anything and everything about yourself right now because you are already worthy of being celebrated for exactly as you are, and there is nothing to achieve or to prove. You can celebrate taking time out to watch the sunset. You can celebrate speaking your truth. You can celebrate the amazing meal you cooked or just being your goofy self! You can celebrate telling someone “no” when that was your truth. Or saying yes to something that felt a little out of reach.

And by ALL means, celebrate the big life events! Whether it’s leaving something that was no longer serving you or stepping into the next level of something. Celebrate it! And not just with one dinner or a party. Keep celebrating it to help you alchemize the change. Celebrating actually expands your capacity for more goodness in your life. But growing and expanding is terrifying for the ego, so if you don’t do the work to lift yourself up to this next new level of normal, you will likely sabotage yourself right back into your comfort zone. Seriously, this happens all the time. Celebrating yourself regularly keeps you on an upward trajectory so, as Michael Beckwith says, “You are available for more good than you ever thought possible.” Not to mention, you become truly magnetic. It’s a high vibrational state that draws more situations and opportunities that match it. It’s truly amazing, and who doesn’t want to be around that energy? Especially right now when fear is at an all time high the more of us focused on light and love, the better!

So how to celebrate yourself? Well, my dearest, the sky's the limit!

  • You can journal all your celebrations and share them where they will be received.

  • You can turn on a song and speak or sing out all the things you are celebrating about yourself today.

  • You can take yourself on a celebratory stroll.

  • You can make yourself a special meal or take yourself out on regular celebratory dates.

  • You can even invite a friend along.

I highly encourage you to use your imagination on this! How would YOU like to celebrate yourself on a regular basis? Now, there IS a way to take this to the next level, and that is to share your celebrations with others. Celebrating yourself is a powerful gift to others because it is a demonstration of fierce self-love. YOU celebrating YOU is actually a gift for all of us, because you are affirming the light that you are, and we all need to remember how to do this! It also gives us an opportunity to celebrate you too! This is why I want to invite you into my private facebook group where we can practice lifting each other higher and higher!